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Sorrow Transformator Program:

What is the process:

First you will be scheduled for the 6 VIP sessions, run as double sessions. be sure to fill in the questionnaire and return before first VIP session. This will be timed in time and process, that meets your needs.

In between these sessions you will run the tools as advices by Your Sorrow & Pain Changer consultant. Also be sure to follow the given instructions, how and when to use them. This is individual to every person, due to the amount of sorrow their body carries. 

Also after going through the sorrow resolvement program, you will need to fill in the questionnaire, to make sure we have your feed back on the program. We are happy to receive feed back of any kind, since this helps us improve all the time, to meet customers needs. 

We are always keen to help our customers the maximum in the period of time, during processing the sorrow resolvent program. 


Down below you will see the different tools to use, but please do not use them, before your VIP Sorrow Consultant has given you the green light. Since you do not want to bring up massive sorrow, before being scheduled for VIP sessions.

Also please do not share these tools with people outside the sorrow resolvement program, since the tools invented are very deep and effective - that also means people outside the sorrow resolvement program can get a lot overwhelmed, when not having the support of an Sorrow resolvement Consultant, and we know you are keen to help others since a lot is in sorrow, but please refer them to their own Sorrow Resolvent program & VIP sessions, since that will make sure they are helped in the best way to change their cellular sorrow. Letting go of sorrow can give a lot of consequences, when not done on a professional and prober way, with experienced consultants. 

Every tool down below, will be shortly explained, to the proper use.

The money back guarantee is counting, when you have used the tools correctly and in the amounts you have been advised to by the sorrow resolver consultant



The secret cell sorrow resolvement tool, that the world is yet to discover (to use at home, holiday)

The secret cell sorrow resolvent tools has the depth to resolve old sorrow held in your cell memory. All your cells memories sorrow from past experiences - not only in this life time, but also other lifetimes and even from ancestral levels. So as you think about it, your body can contain a lot of old sorrow, blocking you from being the happy person you are aloud to be, and should be. This tool will help you get happier each time you run this. And we advice you to listen to this in quiet moments in your sofa, when you are lying on your bed, even when you sleep at night. We also encourage you to start doing the exercise yourself as often as possible. We have seen so many people get out of deep depression, by ensuring they run this tool over and over again. Sometimes just a few hours of this tools made it possible for clients to let go of depression medicine, that have taken in years. We can not promise this happens for your - BUT we can definitely encourage you to start using this tool as much and as long as possible. Your Sorrow Consultant will train you how to do it yourself which is the deepest and quickest way to get results - so you never doubt how to make this work to your highest and best. 

You can download this tool to your PC, by clicking on the right arrow on the soundfile. 



Our Subconscious controls our habits in the everyday, and our mind has a very little change to overrule this. That means your programming of beliefs and emotions in your body, your cell levels has a big impact on how your life is run, and how your life events happen. The more positive beliefs and emotions and energies you have in your body, the happier your life acts out. Therefore we have componend a soundfile containing over 100 beliefs, so your subconscious, gets the prober help building happiness into your cells, releasing old sorrow and sadness, and build your mindset to positive, happy and easygoing. Its important, that you will listen to this, whenever your Sorrow Resolver consultant tells you too, not begin before you have made the plan. 



You can download this tool to your PC, by clicking on the right arrow on the soundfile. 


5 Sharp & Deep Visualisation, that clears your sadness, regrets, sorrow, anger, loneliness, fears and keeps you happy, joyful, with inner guidance. Remember these visualisations works, because your brain dosen't know the difference between what is a visualisation and what is real. That's why top professional athletes visualise the game before playing, its a way to control what action needs take places. Also, only use after you had the first session and due to instructions from you sorrow  resolver consultant. So happy to hear your experience after this :) 

1) Download your Clear sadness, sorrow Visualisation HERE

2) Download your Clear regrets, angers Visualisation HERE

3) Download your Clear Fears Visualisation HERE

4) Download your Clear loneliness & Aloneness Visualisation HERE

5) Download your Clear other emotions blocking your happiness & Joy HERE

You can download this tool to your PC, by clicking on the right arrow on the soundfile. 



The world class breathing teqnique, that cleanses out old energy from the bottom of your lungs.

This amazing tool, has actually cleansed so many lungs from deep old stored energy, and waste. Done regularly you will receive new energy to your lungs, and they will have a lot easier access to the oxygen and therefore be able to support oxygen in a better and more efficient ways for your lungs. But remember it only works, when you start using the tools. Wait for your Sorrow program instructor to teach you this correctly and make sure to follow the instructions for you personal given under the VIP sessions. 

You can download the breathing teqchnique guide HERE

You can download this tool to your PC, by clicking on the right arrow on the soundfile. 



  • The forgotten techique to loosen up the muscles that stresses the lungs (spørg Jahne).

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